All things new

Well, in the last week or so, we have acquired a new car, a new dishwasher (both the previous incumbents having decided to fail), I have finally set up our new PC bought before Christmas in the office, and I have been headhunted for a new part-time job at the university (replacing my existing teaching which is paid by the hour). That’s a dizzying amount of newness.

Just as well we have been paid for the big translation job we did before Christmas – and in a strange turn of events it looks as though the 200 000 word mega-job might be back on again.

In other news, I joined and was promptly suspended from this christian bulletin board (details here, the style of moderating has to be experienced to be believed) and attendance levels at prison chapel are reaching record levels.

Further bulletins as events warrant, or as I have time.

PS Oops, forgot. New nationality confirmed too. We are summoned to the préfecture to receive our official documents.

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