Where there’s a will…

…there’s a lot of work.

It’s been one of those weeks where all the work arrives at once. Mrs. Eutychus got a will settlement to translate, complete with holographic testament just like in John Grisham’s book of that name. Then there was a whole museum presentation. Then a building schedule for a timber frame for a swimming pool, delivered on Friday at 5pm for return by Monday. Guess what I’ve spent today doing? I just hope the roof doesn’t fall down. Meanwhile I have yet more alumunium windows to be translated by next week, I’m not quite sure when that gets done given that my classes are up to full speed now.

Just to confuse things further, we had about six inches of snow today. That’s the second lot this winter – quite unusual.

At some point I need to report on our visit to the Brian McLaren conference in Paris last weekend. But not now. Time to dream of scarf jointed rafters, or something.