It’s too late to write much, and I have about ten minutes to keep this accurate, but I wouldn’t want today to go by without a little marker for the law of December 9th 1905 which formalised the separation of church and state in France, thus creating the modern secular state and “laicité à la française”.

I’ve said a fair bit on this topic here if anyone wants to scroll through and find my posts. All in all, I don’t think it’s too bad a solution in a post-christian world.

A few years ago we had great plans for celebrating this year in a suitable inter-church manner here, but obviously events have overtaken us. We’re just happy that we’re still here and free to worship.

In other news, further confirmation of the remant-of-the-church-still-in-the-building continuing to haemorrage has reached our ears. I’m still waiting for the Big Translation Job having been assured it has been delayed and not cancelled, filling in the time with one or two other jobs and playing with all the fancy new software I’ve bought with a view to that job.

Right. My watch tells me it’s time to sign off.