The waiting game

About two weeks ago I was asked for a quote for translating 200,000 words. That’s quite a lot. Having spent about half a day trying to put together a sensible estimate, this all went quiet, until a few days ago, when I received a fresh request: what was the shortest time I could possibly do this in, if the order came on Friday?

I put in a fresh quote in on Tuesday evening – and settled down to wait.

Well, “settled” is not the right word. If I get this order, it will mean working flat out until the end of January – and that’s being optimistic. If I don’t, I have plenty of time to relax and do other things, and look for more work.

Getting this order would also precipitate our decision to get some fancy new translating software, which we need to figure into our end-of-year accounts, but obviously we can’t make any decisions until we know about the project.

So I’m sitting here not sure whether I’m supposed to be limbering up for a translating marathon, or winding down with the approaching end of the university term – and not sure which I’d prefer. In the mean time, halting between the two perspectives is driving me nuts.

One thought on “The waiting game

  1. Sounds great!!!

    Make sure you charge them half up front so you can purchase the software before the job starts!

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